Mosaic Data Set and Joining to FootPrint

08-02-2023 05:31 AM
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Hello. I have a large amount of geotif map images. In the past I could use the hyperlink tool and point to the file path stored in the table to open the image. 

In ArcPro I created a mosaic data set with the goal of bringing this into Portal, I know it uses URL paths that I can technically create with SQL since the file path/image name are unique. 

Is there a way to join a feature/table with all of the file locations to the mosaic footprint and use this somehow in portal to do what I used to do with the hyperlink tool?

Would I use the attachment viewer tool in portal and view all of the geotiff maps this way? 

This is more of an huge database organizational type of question as If I had to manually point to each of the attachments in portal it would take a long time. So  I thought using the mosaic data set would be a faster way  but Im not sure what to do with the Mosaic Data set once in portal, Attachment Viewer or perhaps a tool in Experience Builder/Dashboard if this is possible. Thank you

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