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Missing/null geometry attributes for point.

07-03-2023 08:34 AM
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I have points loaded in... Some of it I got from collector/field maps. Some of the points i just used the creaat tool in pro. Im not sure if this is relevelnt but i exported the table into excel for some data cleaning and then i updataed it on Online because i have it as a hosted feature layer. I don't exactly know what happend or if i accedntily deleted it at some point or when it disappeared.

My first thought was to do calculate geometry but that gives me this and doesn't do me any good. 



Is the only way to manually enter each coordinate in the attribute table?


So the points are still loaded in pro but because the coordinates are now missing for some of them, those ones doesn't show up in any online services anymore. Is there a way to just popoulate the x and y feilds based on where the points are placed in the map automatically?


I cant export the feature to a new feautre because of the same issue, it won't show the points because there is no gemotetry saying where they go. 

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Bump^ same . I would like to be able to assign \ move these null geometeries but I find that I am unable to in Pro or field maps.  I can see them in the attribute table, but when I go to modify it will not allow and defaults to 14N 668184 0000000 UTM for me.  It would be great if I could just grab the feature and create a spatial point in the field for these that are yet to have one.  Any ideas community?

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You can update the geometry manually in ArcGIS Pro.

First you need to identify them in the attribute table. You may be able to achieve this using attribute data depending on your dataset. Another option for null geometries is to add the data to a map, zoom out to the world and use the select tool to select everything you see. Records with null geometries will not be in the selection. Switch the selection and you have identified the records that need to be fixed.

Open the Attributes Pane and select one of these records.

In the lower half of the Attributes Pane you should see two tabs, one for Attributes and one for Geometry. Switch to the Geometry tab. You should see the vertices of the geometry.

Assuming the layer is editable, there will be clickable icons for Move and Edit Vertices. Click the Edit Vertices button. The Modify Features > Edit Vertices pane should open.

Update the vertex values and click the Finish button to apply the edits.


This works well for points. Lines and polygons take a little more effort to enter/update multiple vertices.

If you have lots of null geometries, you will find it worth the time to write a little python script using an UpdateCursor to find and update the geometries of bulk records.

Hope this helps.



Example screenshot showing the Edit Vertices pane once you get to that stage.




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I think you can manually populate the geometry using the Replace Geometry or Continue Feature editing tools.



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If you have attribute fields holding the correct x and y (or more complex info for lines/polygons) values, then you can use the Field Calculator GP tool to update the location of selected records by writing a small python snippet.




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