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Missing Legend Methods in ArcPy for ArcGIS Pro?

06-03-2020 08:13 AM
New Contributor III

The documentation for LegendElement is pretty sparse for ArcGIS pro compared to 10.x documentation. 

Notably missing is the listLegendItemLayers or removeItem methods that would allow you to edit display of layers in the legend via ArcPy. Are these ArcPy methods non-existent in ArcGIS Pro or am I missing something? 

Reason why I am trying to do this is that I encountered a bug where legend items are displaying in my final exported layout but not in the actual layout view, so I wanted to try to investigate that a little further to determine if I can find a solution via ArcPy with manual commands.

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New Contributor II

I know its a long time since this is posted. But I just need to know if we are having a resolution to the mentioned problem since I have got almost similar situation now.

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