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Raster to Polygon (and Point) issue

06-06-2023 03:01 AM
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Hello everyone,


So I have a raster (integer) with 76 pixels. I want to create individual polygons for each pixel for further processing.

I tried using the raster to polygon to do that, but I am having issues:

- the number of polygons created isn't 76 (here 62 but sometimes 37?). Is it because I have pixels with the same values?

- For some reason it created polygons which are all located at the same location (purple rectangle) instead of keeping their original location on the map.

- Some polygons have the size of 2 pixels instead of just one (you can see it clearly on the area column, example polygon 62)

Capture d’écran 2023-06-06 114951.png


Similarly, the Raster to Point tool gives the same location issue, you can see all the points created are stacked on top of each other (light dot on the purple reactangle). The only difference is that this time it did create 76 points...

I am very lost, I can't find any option on the tools to bypass this issue, did it happen to anybody else?

Thank you very much in advance for your help

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If you want to convert each pixel to a polygon then a way to do it is:

  1. Use the raster to point 
  2. Use Minimum Bounding Geometry (circle)
  3. Minimum Bounding Geometry (envelope) on the circles you just created.

But why in your case you are getting stacked points from converting a raster to points that is another issue. Sounds like some extent setting, suggest you do the workflow I suggest above in a new ArcPro project so you are 100% sure you have not left some setting turned on.