Merge model builder does not preserve Field Map setting

10-07-2021 08:44 PM
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ArcGIS 2.8.3

In my model builder I use the merge tool with the field map to reconciliate the fields of the two data source. Problem is: When I set the field map, validate by clicking ok and reopen the tool, if I click to change anything in the tool, the field map reset. Even if I change the output field name, the field map reset.

It look exactly like the bug that happened with the Append tool in 2019 (See post about it and esri answer)

I wonder if it is a common issue or it may be related to my model. I consider using the Append tool to replace this or even some Calculate field, but would rather keep the Merge.


Thank you

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I am currently experiencing the same thing. I started creating a set of models a few months ago. Some of the input data has changed so I've had to re-map fields in my Merge tool. I add and map 9 new fields, click ok to accept the changes and run my model. The GP tool following the Merge tool fails and says that a field does not exist within the table (ERROR 000728). When I open the merge tool in the model again the 9 fields that I mapped are no longer there.

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Is this a logged bug? This is so frustrating. I have the exact same issue.

Any way to escalate it?

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I had the a similar issue when using Merge with inline variable substitution in files paths. The only workaround I could find was to replace the variables with hard-coded paths (unfortunately).

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Still an issue, significantly impacts workflows. (ArcPro 3.0.4)