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Looking for a job specific Esri help/tutorial

05-17-2024 10:03 AM
New Contributor

I have been transforming from using civil 3d to GIS Pro. I have been in the cad design business for a long time. The city I work for has given me this opportunity to grow, so I bought a book with a temp Esri license on my own and now for the past year I have been putting that self training to on the job and have my own legal license (Yay). 

Please bare with my questions as they will most likely look very beginner type questions, I went to a state users group conference and seasoned professional's were so inviting and helpful, I looked a little older but they made me feel at home and welcomed. 

I am doing a job going over a city utility survey done years ago. I am verifying problems or issues and now am starting to go out with GPS (also new to me) to verify the issues I am finding. I have learned how to import .CSV files and am looking for more job specific ESRI helps and or videos which deals with nad 83 state coordinates in X,Y taking those original points now on a layer creating new fields for my attribute tables like description, comments, date of survey etc. then special paste them into my city symbols, hydrants, valves etc. 

There are many resources but I am finding Health Surveys , city statistics etc.   

Any ideas or a link to some helpful info for this rookie? 

Thanks in advance because I get the feeling I am going to get some good ideas

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