Logos as Labels?

03-04-2020 11:10 AM
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Trying to build a map for our retail team, and have been looking at a couple of options to make this more workable, which has led me to a series of questions (still too new with this software).

Based on the map above and what I'm trying to do:

1 - Can I have the logo for the retailers in a table (see Logo column in the table above) and use that as a reference for generating the symbol?

2 - Can I use the logo as a 'Label' as opposed to the symbol?  Reason being, I'd like to be able to reposition the logos so they don't overlap (at differing zoom levels) and have a leader line or similar pointing to the actual retailer location?

3 - Is there a better way to do all of this that I'm completely missing?

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Hi David,

Here’s some info on how to add logos with leader lines in ArcGIS Pro. And the answers to some questions


  • When these images are converted to anno will they maintain their high resolution? - Yes
  • Will that high resolution tank performance? – Images do not perform as well as you’d expect. We recommend using SVG in vector markers if at all possible.




To create labels using your logos follow the steps below



In ArcGIS Pro


Add logo to style:

Click View tab, Click Catalog View button

Double click Styles in Catalog View

Click Favorites

On Styles tab, Click New Item > Point Symbol

Click the newly created point symbol

On Description tab provide a name, category and tags

On Properties tab > Layers tab change from Shape marker to Picture marker

Click the File button and browse to your logo and open

Set other options like size appropriately and click Apply


Info on point symbols


info on saving symbols to styles




You will need to create a separate label class for each feature that requires a different logo

Separate them out using sql queries


Info on creating label classes




Add data to map, right click and select Labeling Properties to open Label Class pane

Click the Symbol tab, select the General sub tab and expand the Callout expander

Choose Point symbol from the combo box

Click the point symbol combo and select more point symbols

Browse to your added logo and click ok

Set size and leader info appropriately

Scroll up the pane and expand the Appearance expander

Under Text fill symbol set the color to No color – this prevents the label from showing and only shows the logo


Info on changing display of labels


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Is there a straightforward answer to my first question?  Is there a way to use a logo that I've uploaded to a website, and included the path in the retailer table?  I've created a 'Logo' column in my Pet_xy table.  Would like to use the reference to call out the logo.  I've got hundreds of individual logos, and creating individual styles would be time prohibitive.  Thanks.

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If you have access to Adobe Illustrator I would suggest downloading the ArcGIS extension for AI and exporting the maps to AIX and moving the logos around within illustrator because you can arrange the  logos much faster that way. I would also suggest keeping a layer with as many businesses with logos as either symbols or annotations and import that symbology class to new layers so you don't have to start from scratch each time. 

Overall, this is usually a very tedious and time consuming process no matter which way you try to do it. 

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David, I am trying to do a very similar activity--did you ever find a way to put logos (many) to XY points? 

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