Limitations on creating a very large tile package?

12-22-2020 07:57 AM
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I'm working through the workflow of creating a very large tile package to upload to ArcGIS Online as a hosted tile layer. I've created the 344GB tile cache on a 1.02 TB drive, and I'm working through the process of Exporting the Tile Cache to a tile package (.tpkx) file. I've successfully generated an almost 4 GB tile package with a subset of the map scales and uploaded it to ArcGIS Online without a problem. When I run the Export Tile Cache on all scales, it gives me a success notification after 12 hours, but the tile package file is only 10KB, and doesn't show anything when uploaded to ArcGIS Online.

Is there a limitation on creating very large tile packages? 

  • Is there a maximum size for a tile package file?
  • How much space is required to generate a tile package?
  • If so, can a hosted tile service have tiles generated from multiple tile packages?

I'm currently running ArcGIS Pro 2.4 on a virtual Windows Server, and an update to 2.7 is pending a server restart during off hours.

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