Legend Formatting in ArcGIS Pro

07-12-2016 09:37 AM
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I am trying to format a legend in ArcPro and not sure how to get it to look the way I would like.  I prefer a legend to list polygon/raster layers first, the lines, then points.  In ArcGIS Desktop, it is really easy to order items in the legend using this hierarchy, but  in ArcGIS Pro, this does not seem possible without reordering the items in the table of contents, which reorders them in my map, rendering points and lines invisible if they fall below a polygon or raster.  Any suggestions?

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I would check this link Add a legend—Layouts | ArcGIS for Desktop

and the links below to ensure that there isn't some toggle disabling the add legend elements in the TOC order

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Hi Rob

It is possible to just click and drag items under the Legend list. You may

need to click on the side triangle to expand the list, or the Legend may be

locked (clicking on the lock symbol either opens or locks the legend

items). In my example below, I could easily drag items and that changed

the order in the legend display.



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is it possible to reorder items that are displayed using unique values without changing their drawing order?

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Thanks All.  I have found how to reorder the legend under the Legend Drawing order.