Layer not added to map (ArcGIS Pro)

10-07-2021 06:19 AM
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Hi there

I have an issue regarding a geometry table (saved in a MS SQL Server database) in ArcGIS Pro. In ArcMap, the table can be added to a map. In ArcGIS Pro, however, the table is not added.

After clicking “Add To Current Map” in the Catalog, the unique identifier field has to be defined in the “New Query Layer” window, but after clicking “Finish”, nothing happens: The layer is not added to “Contents”, but there is no error message either.


I suspect that there is an issue with the geometries. I tried to view the Metadata in ArcGIS Pro, but when I go to the “Geography” pane, an error appears (Failed to open map view).

Self-intersecting geometries etc. were repaired in FME and the geometries were also checked for OGC compliance. Thus, according to FME (and also ArcMap), the geometries are fine.


ArcMap: 10.8

ArcGIS Pro: 2.7


Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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