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Layer is not editable Error

08-31-2023 06:50 PM
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I am getting the Layer is not Editable error message when attempting to create a simple GDB feature class feature (see below for one example):

Sometimes that is not indicated at all in the List by Editing view... Q1: why not?

Sometimes it is, but only a Warning. I understand the Warning message (different coordinate systems causes projection on the fly), but the Status dialog states that it is still editable... Q2: what's going on? ...Q3: In addition, how can something be both an Error and a Warning?




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Craig, that layer looks different from what I would expect to see. Can you share the properties of that layer as a screenshot here? I would be looking for the Source tab and then the feature types/geometry types and what not:



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Thanks, but my question is really more about how ArcGIS is reporting these Warnings/Errors ,and the apparent inconsistency. 

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