Chart Missing Item Label in Legend in Pro 2.7

a week ago
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I am migrating from Pro 2.6 to Pro 2.7 and have encountered an issue with 2.7 not properly showing Chart 'legend' items.  In Pro 2.6 the chart correctly shows all entries in the Chart Legend

I have included two screen shots.  The 'good' chart displayed in the attachment "CorrectChartPro26" shows the correct entries in the Chart Legend "Combined", "Salt" and "Verde"

The second screen shot displays the Chart in Pro2.7.  "InCorrectChartPro27" is missing the "Verde" entry.

These attachments also show the "Series" tab from the Chart properties.  Both the 2.6 version and the 2.7 version show the list of entries.  They both show the 3 values, though the 2.7 chart is missing the "Verde" entry.

Any insight would be appreciated.




I am not sure where I can manipulate this in Pro to make the "Verde" label appear in the chart



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