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12-06-2023 11:46 AM
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I use ArcPro . I am trying to make some changes to my labels on a polyline layer  and keep getting "Error: Separator collection is invalid".  This happens with any change I want to make in Position, Fitting Strategy or Conflict Resoultion, regardless of the field I use (numeric, double, long, text ec) . In my research the closest

130206: Invalid separator name: <value>

ArcGIS Pro 3.2|Other versions| Help archive

The separator field must not be empty and must be fewer than 26 characters.


Choose a separator name that is fewer than 26 characters.

thing I have found is this : 

However this leads me to another question, what is a separator field? Or a separator name? All the fields I am trying to label are not empty and less then 26 characters. 


Has anyone confronted this before?


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The error message "Error: Separator collection is invalid" in ArcGIS Pro typically occurs when there is an issue with the separator collection used in a specific tool or operation. A separator collection is a set of characters or symbols used to separate values in a field or attribute table. This error message indicates that the separator collection being used is not valid or recognized by the software. To resolve this error, you can try the following steps:

1.  Check the tool or operation where the error occurred: Review the specific tool or operation that triggered the error message. Look for any settings or parameters related to separator collections.
2.  Verify the separator collection: Ensure that the separator collection being used is correct and valid. Common separator collections include commas (,), semicolons (;), tabs (\t), and spaces ( ). Make sure that the separator collection matches the format of the data you are working with.
3.  Check for special characters: If you are using a custom separator collection that includes special characters, such as quotation marks or backslashes, make sure they are properly escaped or enclosed in quotes if required.
4.  Review the data: Check the data you are working with to ensure that it is properly formatted and does not contain any unexpected characters or symbols. In some cases, the error may be caused by invalid data values. 

I didn't find any documentation on separator name or separator field.  However, there is a concept of a 'separator character' or 'separator symbol' that is used to separate values in a field or attribute table. The separator character is typically used when working with delimited text files or when specifying a delimiter for data import or export operations. It helps to identify the boundaries between different values within a field or record. The choice of separator character depends on the file format and data requirements. Common separator characters include commas (','), semicolons (';'), tabs (' '), and pipes ('|').

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This is likely from an invalid stacking separator in the labeling settings. In the Label Class pane Position tab, Fitting Strategies tab, expand the Stack section.


The Stacking separators here can only be 1 character (with the exception of space which uses "space" as the placeholder for the space character), and there can't be stacking separators listed more than once. 

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