Javascript Alert when using the Explore tool

08-20-2021 08:20 AM
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I get this Alert whenever I try and use the Explore Tool.  The resulting popup has the feature listed but no attributes.  Repair and Re-install of ArcGIS pro didn't help.  Any ideas?






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I have the same problem. This happens for a file geodatabase feature class and a feature layer from a external ArcGIS Server. No attributes are displayed.

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I am having this same problem.  I am teaching an Intro to GIS course using ArcGIS Pro in the classroom for the first time.  I do not get this error message when using the Explore tool to click on a feature on my home computer, but it is happening on my campus computer.  This is going to screw up my demonstration in class tonight...

I am using data from the Esripress book "Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro 2.6".


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I am getting the same error on a fresh install of ArcGIS Pro on a new computer.  Tried a repair and a reinstall but no change.  I'm taking a college Intro to GIS course and my instructor doesn't have any other recommendations.  Can't find any other references to this problem through Google or on this forum.  

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This now works again upon upgrading to Arcgis Pro 2.90