Issues with Replace Web Layer

12-03-2021 12:15 PM
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I have shared a number of features in a weblayer and uploaded it onto Enterprise.

I made some updates in one of the features, and tried Replacing the Web Layer, but that deleted all the other features.  Is it normal practice that I should keep all features in separate web layers, so that replacing 1 feature would not affect the others?

Then PlanB:

I start from scratch and shared a new webmap with weblayer,  However I'm getting error messages "00362 Datasets exposed field names."  The issue appears to be the automatic "Shape_Length" and "Shape_Area" names.  I seem to be able to rename the Alias, but can't delete or rename the Field Name.

Thank you


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Hello Arthur,

When you replace a web layer you are completely overwriting the service that is there with the new data.  If your new data only contains that one feature that is being changed, then yes, you would be deleting all the other records that are there.

Shape_Length and Shape_Area are both automatically generated in a shape file or feature class when it is created.  You should be able to delete those fields without a problem.

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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