Invalid geometry when creating features

04-05-2022 06:10 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have an issue when trying to create features with z-values using the Utility Network. In this case, I am trying to create manholes from the Structure Junction > Vault group. I set the elevation in the elevation group of the edit tab. If I put in a whole number (e.g. 620), it will create the feature without problems. It will also take 1/4 values (e.g. 620.25, 620.5, 620.75).  When I try to set it to a number with any other decimal value (e.g. 620.37), I get an error:

Failed to create Manhole.

Invalid Geometry [

Rule name: StructureJunction - Manhole

Elevation Attributes,

Triggering event: Insert,

Class name: StructureJunction

I did not have this issue with the stormwater manholes of the structure junction group, which use the same data type (double) for elevation.



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It looks like you are violating the "StructureJunction" constraint rule someone wrote/applied to your Manholes feature class

Either you are violating a Constraint Rule directly (when this happens you are not allow to complete your edit and it is discarded and the database rolled back to a pre-edit state) or your edit is triggering an update to another asset class that is violating a constraint rule. 

You can review your rules by right clicking your layer name in the ArcGIS Pro TOC > Choosing Design > and clicking Attribute Rules.  You need the correct permissions to edit them (and if your layers are coming from a service you won't be able to edit them), but at least you can see them...Someone will have to change the rule to allow the edit.

Not much help I know but (maybe) helpful information.

by Anonymous User
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Thank you for you reply. I checked the Attribute Rules and the only rule regarding z-values was to round it them to 2 decimal points. I'm creating these Structure Junction > Vault > Manhole asset types in both storm and sewer. This problem is only occurring in the sewer editing even though they follow the same attribute rules regarding elevation.

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