Install Unpacking Error -6

01-22-2020 09:02 AM
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No matter how I try to open my install files for ArcPro or Arc10, I keep getting the following unpacking error:  "An unexpected error occurred while unpacking file (s). Error code: -6".  Has anyone else ecnountered this?  So far, I have used the ArcGIS uninstaller to verify that all files were removed, so that shouldn't be the issue.  These files are also "unblocked".  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I've got Windows 10 and plenty of free storage space, so not sure what the issue is.

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Hi Sarah,

I had exactly the same issue and it was solved by running the installation file as administrator. You can do that by right click the installation file and choose "Run as administrator". 

I hope it helps! 


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Today i had same problem and answer from Xuan did not help.

For anyone having same problem on Windows 10, for me only solution was to switch off  controlled folder access in Ransomware protection (Windows Security -> Virus & threath protection -> manage ransomware protection -> controlled folder access switch off).

Hope it helps!

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It works. Thank you.

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Thanks, it works! love it

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Same issue: Windows security is blocking the program from accessing/modifying (installing) in your "Protected Folders."

Different way of addressing it: If you open up Windows Security (easily accessed from the program tab near your clock/calendar) you might see that the program is repeatedly being blocked from accessing (installing) within your protected folders. You can individually allow the program to access your folders here (rather than turning off the entire "controlled folder access" setting) and rerun the program as an administrator.

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Thank you. You need a tip jar. 

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excelente. Así que muy bueno el tick

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