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09-03-2021 01:32 AM
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Good morning,

I am have two problems that I need to work out. The first is that I need to import multiple tables from m Different excel spreadsheets. I would like to work out a automatic way to importing a specific folder contain up to 40 excel spreadsheets and specifically target a table within those spreadsheets to import.

The second problem is that when experimenting with importing the tables I notice there are null entries generating and I see no reason why they are. Is there a tool I can use for scrapping null entries in multiple tables? The first entry is the only one I need and it is importing correctly, with all fields generating correctly.


Thanks very much, if there is any other information you may need let me know.

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If it were me I would code up some Python to automate the importation from a number of different spreadsheets.

You use the os library to list files in your folder/s and then work through each one, passing each one to the arcpy.ExcelToTable_conversion function.

As for your nulls, there could be spaces in your Excel document. Use Find/Replace in Excel. In the Find box, type a space. In the Replace box, don't type anything. Press "Replace All." 

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