Image Transparency Issue While Exporting To PDF - ArcGIS Pro

09-26-2017 08:03 AM
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When I apply a transparency to a raster image (ie. an airphoto) and export my layout in ArcGIS Pro to PDF, strange lines appear in the image (almost like the software is tiling it).  If I remove the transparency, then the export is fine. I have tried adjusting the DPI during the export and printing directly to PDF, with no luck.

Has anyone else had this issue... and if so is there a fix?  I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.0.1.



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Sean - this seems related to BUG-000095765.  A workaround is to Print to PDF vs. exporting to PDF.  This appears to remove the grid lines you see in your attached *.jpg.

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Printing to PDF with custom page sizes, I'll add, is also incredibly cumbersome. Unless it's a standard pre-determined paper size from Microsoft, this won't be a quick workaround.

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Pro seems to dislike anything newly added to it.  If you created a new custom paper size and save it, you will need to save the project, close it, re-open it and choose the paper size you created earlier.  This work for me, although printing to pdf is 10x slower then exporting, but is the work around we currently have.

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I'm experiencing this issue with the latest available release (2.1.2). The link to the bug report above states that this problem can be circumvented by specifying a resolution lower than 200 DPI. I tried 150 DPI, but the lines still appear, as shown below. The "Microsoft Print to PDF" option is not a feasible workaround for me because:

1) We need to print at high resolution. Based on the small file size created by this "printer", I'm guessing it's not a high resolution.

2) The CMYK color model that I've specified seems to be ignored when printing to the PDF

3) Custom sizes are a pain when using Microsoft Print to PDF. I found a hack for creating a custom page size here: Custom Page Sizes for Microsoft Print to PDF « Franklin Heath Ltd . But you have to go through those steps for every custom page size that you need. 

I'm trying to adopt Pro, but I run into snags fairly frequently.  This is another one.....

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In reviewing the bug - I've seen it's been escalated internally so am hopeful it is resolved in ArcGIS Pro 2.2.

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I've got the same issue here!

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At Pro 2.1.2 I did an export to pdf with the default 96 dpi using Image Quality Best and Image Quality Normal.  The pdf generated with Best had the mystery lines while the pdf generated with Normal did not have the mystery lines.

Printing to pdf at all tested dpis did not generate any mystery lines

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I'm having the same issues, I've tried tweaking the dpi settings but no luck.

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I have some very interesting observations about this bug.  Some background. I'm producing maps of some local parks and exporting them as PDFs.  A local graphics design firm, presumably using Adobe products on Macs, is then placing the map in larger publications, mostly large Kiosks that are placed in the parks. When I sent a preliminary PDF to one of the designers, I asked her if she can remove them using Adobe Products. She said that she didn't see the lines and that they "don't exist". That made me think that we can proceed with using the maps exported by Pro because the lines won't be visible in subsequent products that they produce using Adobe.  Well, they just sent back a PDF proof of a map that was placed in an Adobe document and the lines are showing up when:

  • I open the PDF on my Windows 10 machine using Chrome and Acrobat Reader
  • I "previewed" the PDF on my Android phone using the Gmail app
  • My co-worker opened the PDF on his Windows 10 computer using Chrome

They are not showing up on 

  • Any of the PDFs that are opened on the designers' Mac computers
  • My co-workers iPhone (the same co-worker that saw the grid lines when he opened the PDF on his Win 10 machine).

Robert, I think this will help the Pro development team troubleshoot this problem. Do you have the ability to add this information to that bug report?

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