Identify segments that are true curves and the curve properties

11-17-2021 06:21 AM
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I am trying to identify true curve segments within a File Geodatabase layer. I know we can manually see if a single segment is a curve by selecting editing vertices in the edit tools pane, then for each segment within a feature we can right click and select "Change Segment."  From there we can see if the segment is already a line, or a  circular arc (true curve).  This seems like a lot of drilling down and I suspect there may be a cleaner way to identify curves.


  • The edit vertices tool displays the xy coordinates for each vertex in a line each line / feature which is shown in the bottom right of the image.  However, it does not identify if a segment between the vertices are a strait line or curve.  Is this possible?  In the example the segment between vertex 2 and 3 is a true curve.
  • Within a layer can we bulk identify lines or segments that contain a true curve?
  • As a bonus can we identify the properties of a curve such as the radius, arc length, etc?




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in arcpy's polyline class there is a hascurves method which would enable you to  determine polyline segments that have curves

Polyline—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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I wonder what you would like as the output.  Do you want an output that contains only the true curves, each as a feature or multipart feature for multiple curves from the same original feature? If possible, could you describe how you are going to use them in your workflow? Thanks.

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