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How to synchronize between two layers in the same Geodatabase?

05-22-2024 07:35 AM
New Contributor II

I have two layers of polygons in the same geodatabase

The first layer represents a group of tents, and the other represents the geographical boundaries of these tents, meaning that there is an intersection relationship between them, and in both layers there are some similar fields.

I want to connect the two layers and synchronize them so that if some data is updated in the boundary attribute table, it will be automatically changed in the tents layer.

The attached picture may explain what is meant

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Esri Notable Contributor

I believe a calculation attribute rule would be the workflow you want to investigate.  There's a great example of this here where the calculation rule (either immediate or batch mode) calculates the value of feature(s) in one feature class based upon the overlapping area of another feature class (polygon).

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