How to make a layer using the mean squared error (MSE) from temperature prediction?

07-14-2021 03:56 PM
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Hi,I made a temperature prediction using an ANN for the next 4 hours using a dataset for 1 year with 10 minutes interval time. I have a file with the coordinates from 20 weather stations (longitude, latitude and altitude). The MSE (mean squared error) is the predicted difference and real temperature from every weather station with 10 minutes interval time. Additional I have a dataset for every station with the predicted and real temperature with every time interval (422000 rows of data). I need to make a layer from every time interval predicted for weather stations and if it's possible to filter by layer to get a map to analyze the temperature prediction for 4 hours.I think to need to make Raster Interpolation. But I'm confused about how to use the dataset with predicted and real temperature to create every layer. Because I have too many rows of data and I think I need to use a temperature value for every coordinate from stations. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!
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