How to enable Map tools when we select only Annotation Feature from Create Features window in ArcGIS pro SDK

05-20-2021 02:37 PM
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I have 4 tools in my ArcGIS Pro Add-In , I want to enable these tools when user selects only Annotation Feature from Create features Window .

EX -  I used below condition in config.dmal file  for Line features. condition="esri_editing_LineSketch_condition"  When I use this condition I am able to enable few tools when user selects only Line features from Create features window , similarly ,I am searching for Annotate Feature selection condition .

Your inputs/ideas are most appreciated .  


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There currently is no equivalent condition for annotation the editing daml.

You can make your own state/condition based on the active template and reference that in your tools. For more information see the following post:

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