How to create a raster containing attribute frequency from a multipolygon shapefile using a set grid in ARC Pro?

07-23-2021 06:56 AM
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I have a multipolygon shapefile of species distributions containing data in the attribute table on the threats each species face according to the IUCN threat categories. The distributions of some species naturally overlap. I also have a grid, in the form of a shapefile, with a set cell size (30 Arc Seconds). I would like to create a raster containing threat frequency using the grid for defining cell size. In other words, a raster where each cell (as defined by the grid) will have data such as: Threat A = 3; Threat B = 0; Threat C = 4 etc.

Is this possible? I am currently working in ARC Pro

Many thanks!


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Hi Oliver:

CountOverlappingFeatures , with the 'Output Overlap Table' option, might work. You can then rasterize that tool's output feature class based on its oid and, with some grouping and summing of the overlap table (related back to the original table), get the count information you need, which you can then join to the raster value attribute table.

-Jim TenBrink

spatial analyst team