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How to Clip Features from a Static Geodatabase Based on a Bounding Box

05-17-2023 09:41 AM
New Contributor II

Does anybody know how to limit the display of features to a user-defined bounding box, without copying the data to a new feature class?  My colleagues want to display features from an enterprise geodatabase on a worldwide map, but limit those features based on defined bounding boxes.  In this scenario, the enterprise geodatabase is treated as read-only.  I know of the Clip tool but that tool requires the creation of a new feature class containing the filtered data.  I believe the source feature class can be searched also using a query definition derived from the bounding box info, but that also requires the results to be loaded into a new feature class.  We just want to display a limited number of features from the original source.  Ultimately, this capability would go in a C# plugin.

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