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Cannot make admister or publisher connection to ArcGIS Enterprise from Pro with port 6080

05-17-2023 10:13 AM
New Contributor III

ArcPro 3.1

ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1 on linux

We are deploying our arcgis server inside a VPC, and don't need or want to use SSL.  

As such, all the connections are to urls such as http://ip_address:6080/arcgis/

When making a "New ArcGIS Server Connection" via the pro GUI, the URL above works with a "User Connection".

We need to be able to publish and administer as well... But when we go to the connection properties, and attempt to choose "Publisher Connection" or "Administrator Connection", using the same administrator credentials, "We were unable to connect".


Should we be able to make this kind of connection?

In addition, the arcpy.mapping namespace provided CreateGISServerConnectionFile method.   This has not been implemented in Pro for some reason, which is a big roadblock to adopting this technology for a company providing a saas product to multiple environments using CI CD. 

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