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How to change the Shape area into Square Kilometers in ArcGIS Pro 2.0.1?

11-16-2017 10:24 PM
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The Co-ordinate system of the map is in WGS1984 I've attribute table attached with different shape length and area as well as area. So, can it be possible to change it into Square Kilometers? Is there any geoprocessing tools for this Question?

The Attribute Table

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shape_area and shape_length are managed fields and cannot be changed.  The values that are shown are in units of square degrees and degrees because your have a GCSWGS84 data set whose units are in degrees.

If you want units in a different coordinate system there are a variety of ways to accomplish this ... this is the easiest but you need to specify a projected coordinate system for the map frame

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Hi Johna,

like @DanPatterson_Retired told you, you have a geodetic coordinate system so en degree. But you can calculate in another field the area in kilometer square because you can choose the unit when you do it.

I hope i will help somebody with this answer

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