How do I adjustment Global Scene Labels in ArcGIS Pro 2.9.2

05-06-2022 11:32 AM
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by Anonymous User
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In ArcGIS Pro 2.9.2, how do I change label placement and other label properties in a Global Scene?

I have a complete 2D map, with correct data, symbology, etc.

I did View > Convert > To Global Scene.

Most of the layers are under "2D" in the TOC, so I drug them under the "3D" section of the TOC. This enables labeling because 2D draped data cannot be labeled in a Global Scene (as far as I can tell).

The labels will now render, but some of the position, fitting, etc need modification. This is especially true for oblique perspectives.

All of the labeling options under the "Position" menu are greyed out. What is going on here? How can I change this?

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