'Mosaic to new raster' outputs a mosaic with different stretch for each input raster

05-03-2022 08:12 AM
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Hello everyone! 

I have used the 'Mosaic to new raster' tool in order to create a new raster from 3 existing raster datasets (each raster contains 3 bands from sentinel 2 imagery). My problem is the output raster dataset still displays a different stretch type for each of the input rasters. I have tried different settings inside the Mosaic to new raster tool, 'Mosaic Operator' and 'Mosaic colormap mode' and nothing seems to work. 

My aim is to have a uniform display of the raster and that the three input rasters have the same stretch type. 

Thank you for your advice 🙂

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I believe the reason you're seeing a difference in the rendering is that Sentinel-2 uses B4_Red for the red band, B3_green for the green band and B2_Blue for the blue band.  You're output *.tif is using Band 1 for the Red (not Band 4), Band 2 for the Green (not Band 3), and Band 3 for the Blue band (not Band 2).  I wonder if you mix up your *.tif bands to Red-Band 4, Green-Band 3, and Blue-Band 2, would it then match???

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