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Hosted Feature layer Symbology not appearing

05-28-2023 07:57 PM
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Hi all,

We have this very weird issue whereby if we assign any "complex" symbology to a hosted feature layer then it does not appear in ArcGIS Pro. When I say "complex" I mean: simply adding an outline to a polygon shape!

The symbology assigned to the feature layer appears correct in the ArcPro ToC, but as soon as we create any features, the symbology is not reflected in the sketch. ArcPro flashes the correct symbology, but then disappears as the selection gets applied. 

If I assign a basic fill symbology in ArcPro, without an outline (eg. Symbology: ArcGIS 2D -  Airport), then the features appear fine. But if I assign ANY symbology with an outline, it does not display. I've never seen this issue before - any tips? 

My laptop is running Direct X v12, and I'm using the latest ArcPro v3.1.2. ArcGIS Enterprise is v10.9.1.

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