History Pane Missing for Archive-enabled Mobile Geodatabase

11-15-2021 12:09 PM
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Mobile geodatabases support archiving. However, I am unable to connect to historical moments with a mobile geodatabase because the History pane is not not accessible.

If I use an enterprise geodatabase that contains an archive-enabled feature class, I am able to follow the steps from the archiving documentation to connect to a historical moment in the History pane. But I cannot follow the same steps using a mobile geodatabase that contains an archive-enabled feature class, because no Data Source tab appears when I select the mobile geodatabase in the Contents pane. Similarly, I can right-click an enterprise geodatabase and select Change Moment, but when I right-click a mobile geodatabase the Change Moment option is greyed out.

Is the ability to connect to a historical moment unsupported for mobile geodatabases? If so, this fact should be mentioned in the documentation on archiving, and the missing functionality greatly reduces the usefulness of archiving with mobile geodatabases.

Note: it is possible to add an archive class for an archive-enabled feature class in a mobile geodatabase, but working with an archive class is much less convenient than being able to easily view a snapshot of the data at a single historical moment.

(Using ArcGIS Pro version 2.8.3)

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