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Has anyone had any luck with creating an Address locator with Suggestions for units?

05-10-2023 09:41 AM
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Hello Esri community,

I am trying to create an address locator with suggestions for units, suites, apartments, and so on using the ArcPro "Create Locator" tool with our site address point layer. Unfortunately, I have not been successful in getting these fields to show up in the suggestions despite trying various field mapping combinations. I have also contacted Esri support, but they have not been able to resolve the issue either.

I have attached a screenshot of the feature table and the locator parameters. If anyone has had success with creating such a locator or has any suggestions on how to solve this issue, I would greatly appreciate your input. Thank you in advance for your help.

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@JuneAcosta What happens when you search for an address with a unit? Are you trying to get suggestions for all of the units at the address? If so, you must have a record in your feature class for the address w/o any unit info in the UnitID and UnitType fields. Review the subaddress suggest options to know which setting you want to use in the locator properties. The 9 digit zip code should be broken up into multiple fields, the 5 digit in one field and the zip4 in a separate field.

Try the following field mapping when building the locator

House Number = ADDRNUM


Suffix Type = ADDRNUMSUF



Unit type = UNITTYPE

State = STATE

Zip = field with 5 digit zip

Zip4 = field with zip4 values

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I was having difficulty getting units to work for an address search. The documentation does mention about having something like an existing or base feature (address). It does seem you must have one address point without the units info. But not only that, it must be the first record in the series for that address. If the "base" feature point is below (a higher value) then the others, in regards to ObjectID, it does not work at all.




In order for units, etc. to display as a suggestion, you must configure suggestions for subunits:


I have set this up for another area and not all candidates display. I think ArcGIS Pro locator only shows 5 suggestions. So, I am working thru that. But thought this would be more rock solid, and easy to implement, than it is.



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@JohnFix1 Based on the info you provided the data and the settings are correct. The first image is what I expect to see when 'show summary of subaddresses with base address suggestion' is not enabled. The default number of suggest candidates is 5 and the maximum number of suggest candidates is 15, but these settings can be changed on the Performance tab of the locator properties. If you change the default to 10 you will see 10 suggest candidates.

I was not able to reproduce the behavior you described about the subaddress suggestions not working when the base address has an ObjectID below the subaddresses. Which version of ArcGIS Pro are you using?

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I have adjusted the number of suggestions in the performance and getting more results.

I am running ArcGIS Pro 3.03.

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