Globally set "Allow assignment of unique numeric IDs for sharing web layers"

04-06-2021 04:05 PM
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Is there a way to set an option somewher to force ALL my Pro maps to "Allow assignment of unique numeric IDs for sharing web layers"?  I've got some Pro projects that I publish services from and suddenly (maybe after updating to 2.7.2) when I go in and add a layer, then re-publish, Pro is not preserving my original layer numbering.  

Why would you EVER want the web layer numbering to change?  Hard to imagine why this is even an option.

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From 2018

Allow Assignment of Unique Numeric IDs for Sharing... - Esri Community

can't be a popular issue since I can't find nothing in Pro options specifically.

You might want to contact Tech Support to see if something has changed...

The changelog over time is here

Release notes for ArcGIS Pro 2.7—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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@JayJohnsonWashoeCounty , in the Map Properties in ArcGIS Pro, there is an option to allow the unique numeric IDs when sharing the web map.

You will need to select the below option before publishing the map.


Shelley Schott
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Thanks for the reply Shelley, but that is a "do it individually for every Pro project" sort of setting. 

I was looking for a way to set the option so that Pro DEFAULTS to always allowing assignment of unique numeric IDs.

Here are a couple of related Ideas:


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If you create a map template with that checked before hand, does it not keep that property?

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 This is once again broken at 2.9.2 with the user having to set this option on every single map. A map template is not a solution. There needs to be a global setting to allow this to be the default.

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I like the option of a Global setting at the ArcGIS Pro software level. I'm sort of in the opposite camp - we would like to manage map documents as before (no specific layer ID assignment other than TOC order) without being forced to turn on that Map Property setting rolled out in 2.9.2. See