GIS Pro help creating a custom route/grid

06-22-2021 11:09 AM
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Hi. I am relatively inexperienced using GIS Pro, but am slowly getting the hang of it. I am trying to create a path for a boat to be driven over a lake, but it needs to be a specific, zig-zag pattern. I created a layout from my base map, and was going to create a custom grid, but the option (custom grid) is not available on my list. 


To boat path I am trying to draw is shown below, but this same pattern needs to be over the entire lake. I would prefer to have it not overtop of islands. The overall goal is to get the total distance of this line after it's applied to the entire lake. The "zags" are 500m apart. 


Any advice/help is appreciated. 



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The line seems to stop at the intersection of land in the north, but crosses land in the south.  Is this intended? Also what about when it meets land in the West?

I'd recommend detailing what you want to achieve from this (other than getting the total distance of the line at the end) and why, as there may be much better ways .

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The attached image was shown to explain the path/pattern needed.

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Custom grids won't work here. A custom grid is drawn over a map frame on a layout using an existing feature layer. The feature layer acts as the grid lines, and the custom grid functionality provides labeling for those lines outside the map frame in the grid style. Custom grids can't create lines, just labels for existing lines. 

It sounds like you need to create a feature of some sort. There may be some geoprocessing tools that will help, or you can try creating the line yourself. Once you have the line, there are tools to calculate the length.