Get Annotation Class Definition via Pro SDK for Old Version

03-19-2021 12:50 PM
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Is there a way to get the annotation class definition via the Pro C# API for an annotation class that is an older version class/geodatabase from ArcGis Desktop (10.8?)? I know Pro can tell somehow, because when I look in the catalog, it has the appropriate icon next to it, even though it hasn't been upgraded. When I call GetDataset in the API, it says it is not an annotation class and fails. I know it does that because it has not been upgraded yet to the newer version. I don't want to upgrade it and I don't even want to really use it in Pro. I just want to be able to tell in my code if an object is an annotation class from an older version geodatabase so I can prompt the user to upgrade before continuing with my addin code.


Thanks in advance!

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