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04-09-2021 03:23 AM
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How can I switch between Field names and Field alias in Pop-up (ArcGis Pro 2.7)?

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Stein - In the Fields Designer, I updated all my Field Aliases to be regular words (i.e. STIME -> START TIME, CALL_TYPE -> CALL TYPE and so on) and then did a save for the Fields Designer.  Then I did a right-click on the layer and selected Configure Popups.  In the Configure Pop-ups pane, I clicked the pencil to the right of the Fields(xx) words to edit the pop-up element.  To configure WHAT fields to appear, I unchecked the "Only use visible fields and Arcade expressions" then check on/off the fields I want to appear in the pop-up.

By default, ArcGIS Pro will display the popup Field Alias {Field Name}.  If I change the Fields Options in the Configure Pop-Up and convert to HTML mode then I can edit the HTML code to show the Field Name vs. the Field Alias.  This is a bit cumbersome compared to a simple click button.  I don't see an easy way to convert back and forth from Field Alias to Field Name and back.

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@Robert_LeClair  You aren't kidding; that's pretty clunky.  Seems like such a simple setting like 'Use Field Alias' should be there somewhere, but I haven't found it.  You can do that with a table...

That should just about do it....
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No kidding Joe - I looked everywhere and don't see a simple "Use Field Alias" option in the Configure pop-up.  Maybe ArcGIS Pro 2.8 - being more of a stability/enhancement/speed things up update - will have this as an option in the UI.  I have not seen 2.8 Alpha/Beta as I'm not on those teams.  Fingers crossed for AGP 2.8!