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Features from City Engine are not centered at point location

04-19-2023 09:15 AM
New Contributor

Hi, I have been trying to move my CityEngine rule that generates the bottom  half of a sphere (inverted dome) to ArcGIS Pro.

As the procedural fill/marker method only generated empty results, I ended up using the Geoprocessing tool Features from CityEngine.

This one is successfully loading my rule and applying it to a point layer I have with set attributes (CROWN, MAX_ROOT_D) and they are being successfully used as parameters to generate the dome.

The only problem I have is that in CityEngine I have set the code to be generated in the middle at the point location (using the translation command t). And in there, it works.

But once I run the rule in ArcGIS Pro it generates the object but it is shifted a little bit, it is mostly visible with the smaller domes.

I've been trying for ours to move the position in CityEngine and by trial an error positioning it in the middle, but when I manage to center a big dome, the smaller ones are shifted and vice versa.

Any recommendations on what can I do to force the object to be centered to the point, no matter the size? I worked with a cylinder too and it doesn't show the same problem (it is centered by default  no matter the size).


version "2021.1"

attr Min_Ht = -1
attr CROWN = 100
attr MAX_ROOT_D = 100

Dome -->

InsertDome -->
split(y) {
~1: NIL
| ~1: comp(f) { bottom: Bottom | all= Facade } }


BottomPlane -->

Facade -->

Bottom -->
case Min_Ht < 0:

Screenshot 2023-04-19 180900.png


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