Feature Classes Do Not Show in Pro Catalog Tree

02-13-2018 07:47 AM
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I have 2 feature classes (that I know of) that do NOT show in the Pro Catalog tree but using the same connection file within ArcCatalog, they do show.  The feature classes in question are highlighted below.

Is there any known reason why given the same connection file, feature classes will NOT display within Pro?  Again, I'm using the same connection file, so permissions are already configured on the feature classes and obviously work fine within ArcMap/ArcCatalog.

I'm using ArcGIS Pro 2.1.1.

Pro Catalog Tree

ArcCatalog Tree

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You need to manually refresh by right clicking on the folder/geodatabase and hit refresh. And yes, you need to do this every time something changes in your .gdb (or any file/folder) outside of Pro or you wont see it.

This is a known issue in Pro as it does not automatically update the catalog/folder tree as it does in most other Windows applications.  Not sure why this exists in Pro but I must imagine its a bug. The manual refresh needs to be done both in Catalog view and also when you are manually navigating to files (for instance if you were to hit "Add Data" and navigate to your .gdb those feature classes would not be shown until you hit "F5" to refresh the view, while you were inside the .gdb). I run into this issue frequently using Business Analyst Desktop (which must be run through ArcMap) where I am doing much of the analysis work, and then bringing those features into Pro for the cartographic outputs.

Sure doesn't make sense to me, but at least there is a workaround... 

Here is a topic I started on the same issue:

Pro doesn't update folders or files "in real time" within GDB when modified outside of Pro 

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Does ESRI have any plans to make this an auto-refresh so endusers don't need to deal with this type of grief when moving from ArcMap to Pro?

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Matthew Boyle‌ Did you ever get a resolution to this? Having the exact same problem. Feature classes with numeric characters in their names are not showing up in the Pro catalog tree.

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Drew Dowling

In my experience feature classes that have numeric values in their names will show up at the bottom of the Pro catalog pane, prior to version 2.5.  This seems to have been corrected in 2.5 (...and perhaps earlier 2.4.x versions, I'm running 2.5 currently).

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Thanks Matt. I just had ESRI tech support show me the same workaround. We are on 2.4 and it is still happening. Our main geodatabase has nearly a thousand feature classes in it so scrolling to the bottom isn't something we regularly do!

ESRI also confirmed it was a bug and told me it was fixed in 2.5.

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This need to refresh views is painful and causes extra work and loss of time. Users end up re-doing work because the folder/database doesn't show the new content. So we go do the task/process/export (whatever) again.

I think it's time Esri fixed this. 
If I open the Catalog View in Pro, I expect it to refresh the view of whatever folder I'm looking at, NOT return the false "this container is empty" message. How do we make this a requested fix? 

I'm at Pro 2.9.9.

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