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10-04-2023 05:47 AM
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Hello Dear ArcGIS pro community,

I am a beginner and trying to get on with the initial trainings. however i am stuck at initial steps, unable to process further. I dont know much about the error itself, so attaching screenshot of it. Please if somebody can help me get out of this, i will be grateful to you. Waiting for response. stuck.PNG


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You haven't given it a full file path.

You fed it "countypres_2000-2010.csv" instead of like, r"C:\Documents\Demographics\countypres_2000-2010.csv" (use the r in front of the quote so the computer reads exactly what's in them. Otherwise it ignores the backslashes so you get "C:ocumentsemographicsountypres_2000-2010.csv" which also doesn't exist. You can use double backslashes "C:\\Documents\\Demographics\\countypres_2000-2010.csv", but those are a lot less clean to read and easier to mess up when typing)

Basically it's like you released the computer into a football stadium and told it to find Mike. Who's Mike? Which Mike? Do you know which seat he's in? By adding the rest of the file path, you're telling the computer his last name and his seat number, so it knows exactly where to look.

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