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09-01-2021 11:43 PM
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Hello everyone,
I have been working for 15 days on an important project. Every step/process that I was working on I saved it. When I open ArcGIS Pro (version 2.8) I found this message.
Please, could you help me in fixing this issue as soon as possible?
I'll highly appreciate your help.
Thank you.
Best regards,




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Any answer/solution, please!

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Hi, the best course of action is to contact Esri Technical Support if you haven't done so already. This is probably something that needs troubleshooting.


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Thanks, Tim for your response. That's right, I contacted them indeed but no reply yet!

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Meanwhile, could you try the following options? 

1. Close all applications. Restart your system.

2. Try opening the APRX file from a fresh ArcGIS Pro instance? Project > Open. Also 

3. Save As the project to a new location, and try opening the newly saved file.

4. Share as Project Package. Then extract the package .

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