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Exporting Layout to PDF taking more than 20min.

08-20-2015 08:06 AM
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I am trying to export a simple 36x46" layout that has only 3 layers to a pdf and its taking more than 25min. Any idea why its taking this long? am I doing something wrong?

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Could depends on a few things:

What is the resolution of the output map?

What is the spatial extent of the layers being exported?

Are any of the layers using complex symbol definitions?

Is there labeling involved?

Where are you downloading the file? Server? C drive? What is the download/upload speed of your internet connection? Is there sufficient space? Is there anything else running in the background that may be slowing down the download?

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The resolution is 300dpi and i have used the advanced symbol level drawing to display my streets. I am saving it to my C drive and it took me over 45min to export to pdf.

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Can you provide example output at same DPI from ArcMap and from Pro to tech support?  This may help us determine where the large time difference comes from.

Here are some theories:

- Vector data is RETAINED as vector even if it is transparent in Pro.  This can result in a higher amount of data being written to the PDF in Pro.

- Vector data is retained at a higher DPI in Pro than it is in ArcMap. 

- If you have multiple raster layers in your map, they will no longer be rasterized and blended into a single "Image" layer in ArcGIS Pro.  They are retained as separate layers - potentially resulting in more data being written to the PDF file from Pro than from ArcMap.

However it's all academic until you send your repro cases to support.  Please do so so we can get development staff to take a look at the issue.

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I have a similar situation, using ArcGIS Pro 1.2 I have a layout with 2 scenes (existing & proposed), 24 x 36. 

I have tried to print, but I canceled after 30 minutes of seeing the "Printing Layout.." dialog. 

I have tried to export as pdf and I canceled after 45 minutes.  I have tried a jpg same issue.  I have tried to create a whole new aprx, but it is still the same problem.  

My machine is well equipped. 

3.30 GHz

16Gb of RAM


I went out on a limb to try ArcGIS Pro again after numerous crashes and every time I end up frustrated and annoyed.  I honestly do not know how this product has been released for final consumption.     

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Here's some advice that may help, and some suggestions on how to proceed:

For the crashes:

1. Please make sure your graphics chipset driver is up to date from the manufacturer (NOT from windows update, e.g. go straight to nvidia's or amd's site).

2. Clear your display cache.  You can do this from Project->Options->Display (check the box for "cache deletion")

3.  If you still get crashes, please capture the repro steps and send them to support.  you should also click fill out the error report form with your email and any salient info so that the dumps can be automatically appended to any other reports of same crash signature.

For the export:

Be aware that 3d scenes are going to take more time to render, especially at large page sizes and/or DPI settings.  The export process reloads the entire layout and scenes into a separate thread and draws the entirety of the layout at the requested dpi, and converts it to the requested export format. 

As a possible troubleshooting step:

1.  If you can, let the export run as you leave work for the day, and see if it completes by the next morning.

2.  If you'd like to experiment, try doing the export at 96 dpi to see if it finishes.

2.  If it doesn't complete, you have found a hang in execution.  Please package your project (Share->Project package) and send it to tech support so our devs can take a look at why it's hanging.

SUM: Please report any and all issues you're having to tech support so someone here in development can take a look.  We can also add any repro cases you can send us to our extensive automated regression harnesses, so the bugs will stay fixed! 


Jeremy W.

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I don't mean to be rune, but... "If you can, let the export run as you leave work for the day, and see if it completes by the next morning."  ??  Really?

Is this something that we are all able to do when we need to get work done? Currently it takes us 5 minutes to export a letter size pdf. Who has time for even that?