Export Training Data for deep learning

07-27-2021 01:20 AM
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I am trying to export training data for deep learning but i get this error

RuntimeError: ArcGIS Online does not support export_training_data function.

I am not even using arcgis online, i am using arcgis pro v2.8.1.

this is the code i am using 

chips = export_training_data(planet_mosaic_data, buildings, "PNG", {"x":448,"y":448}, {"x":224,"y":224}, 
"PASCAL_VOC_rectangles", 75, "planetdemo")

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It looks like you might be following the steps on this page? Object Detection Workflow with arcgis.learn 

It states:

Theexport_training_data()method generates training samples for training deep learning models, given the input imagery, along with labelled vector data or classified images. ... This tool creates folders containing image chips for training the model, labels and metadata files and stores them in the raster store of your enterprise GIS.

You may have specified your GIS connection to ArcGIS Online, or not set a connection at all, in which case it will use ArcGIS Online by default. You will need to connect to ArcGIS Enterprise.

If you want to export training samples to a local hard drive, I think you will need to use the Export Training Data For Deep Learning tool in ArcGIS Pro.

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How do i set up my connection to arcgis Enterprise not online, this is the code i used to set up my connection


gis = GIS("https://----.maps.arcgis.com", username="-----", password="----")


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ArcGIS Enterprise is a software system that you purchase and license from Esri.  A base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment is at a minimum ArcGIS Server, Portal, the ArcGIS Data Store and Web Adaptors for the Server and the Portal.  Do you have ArcGIS Enterprise installed within your organization?

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