Export Training Data For Deep Learning from Raster Mosaic dataset

05-29-2019 02:05 AM
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Hi Folks,

I am trying to create training data set for deep learning, using "Export Training Data For Deep Learning" tool.

  • Input raster - i am giving in this tool is Raster Mosaic Dataset (created by referencing tiff images located at location in my machine). This mosaic dataset in created inside FileGeodatabase.
  • Input Feature Class - is polygon feature class - which has building footprints.
  • Output image format - TIFF
  • Meatadata format - PASCAL Visual Object Classes.

This tool run successful without any error. at output folder location it creates following folder structure also,

  • images
  • labels
  • esri_model_definition.emd
  • esri_tile_lines.json
  • stats.txt

But there are images inside 'images' folder and there are no xml files inside 'labels' folder.

Where as in other scenario, where If i give input Raster - as single tif file. it works properly, and creates image chips and labels.

What might be the reason? doesn't this tool support Mosaic Dataset ? 

I have large areas, so i mosaic-ed the images and then i am trying to create training data set. Do i have to run this tool multiple times for multiple raster images?

Sangeet Mathew‌ 



Ravindra Singh

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Export Training Data For Deep Learning—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

mosaic 'layer' is listed

Raster Dataset; Raster Layer; Mosaic Layer; Image Service; MapServer; Map Server Layer; Internet Tiled Layer

Make Mosaic Layer—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop 

from your Mosaic dataset if not done

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Hi Ravindra , As Dan mentioned Mosaic Dataset is a valid input to the tool and it does work. Can you tell me more about the specific version you are using and well as the data you are using.

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Thanks Dan Patterson and Sangeet Mathew  for your response. I appreciate that.

It's not working for me.may be i am doing something wrong while creating mosaic dataset.

  • I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.3.3.
  • I downloaded images(15 images) and building footprints from Ordinance Survey, for UK Location. these images are freely available.
    • Original downloaded images were in ECW formats. So converted them into .tif. and then made mosaic dataset. after this i am trying to create training dataset using this mosaic dataset.
    • But i am able to create training dataset from individual .tif files. since i have 15 images, so i thought to mosaic them, into one, then at one go i would create training dataset, but it did not succeed.
    • When I create training dataset from individual .tif files, it will generate into 15 diff folder, so then later if i want to combine all training dataset into one, naming convention and their meta data i will have to manually do it.
  • Projection - 27700.prj used. there was no projection defined to images and vector data. so i defined the projection from Define_Projection tool.

If there is anything wrong here, in my process, please point me to correct one.


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there was no projection defined to images and vector data. so i defined the projection from Define_Projection tool.

I hope that they were in that coordinate system.

Using the Define Projection tool should only be used if the data you are working with is just missing a known coordinate system. 

If the data were in a different coordinate system and this tool were used with the wrong definition, then the data would be wrong/useless.

Check that step to confirm that Define Projection was used appropriately.  If you need it in a different coordinate system, use the Project Tool

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Along with downloaded data, it was mentioned that the projection is 27700 projection

i am sure about this.

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I have a question about the output from the Export Training Data for Deep Learning - what should be in the "labels" folder? I have .tif and .tifw files in my "images" folder. But my "labels" folder has .tif, .tifw, and .tif.aux.xml files - the .tif files are all black - no image shows.

What should be in this "labels" folder? Thanks

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I am having a similar issue with the all black .tif files, and errant results from the model "trained" on these images.  

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@DavidHarris5, were you able to solve the the issue with all black .tif files in your exported mask? I am having same issue.

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