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Export photos stored in geodatabase

08-08-2023 02:56 PM
New Contributor II

I have a geodatabase in AGOL that I created for data collection using field maps.  One of the feature classes is a point class with data and photo attachments taken in the field.  Is there a way to export some sort of table, report, etc that would include the data in the database along with the photo associated with the data?



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I created a python script that exports the images and gives them a filename associated with an attribute field value. It's not a report, but it certainly helped out with the several thousand points we had and the several images attached to each point. You might be able to use it as a basis for a script that actually would write the file names to a delimited text file.
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Could you please post the python script? I am having the same issue as above. 

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I apologize. I no longer have access to the script.
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Have you tried the report functionality in Pro?
Reports in ArcGIS Pro—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation