[Export Issue] Symbology for a layer loses its color upon exporting - becomes grey

12-08-2023 02:13 PM
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Hello all,

The symbology and color for a layer in my map looks fine in ArcGIS Pro, but the moment I export it out as a PDF - both the legend and symbology lose its color, defaulting(?) to a grey color.

I've made this kind of map before using this same layer with no issues and I'm unsure why it's acting up now.


(How the map looks in ArcGIS Pro)


(How the map looks when I export it out as a PDF)


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As a temp fix - I've decided to export this particular map as a .JPEG instead, which results in a properly symbolized map as shown in ArcGIS Pro.

Would still like to know what's causing this issue.

I've attempted to reload the layer and redo the symbology - but no dice.

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It looks like the colors of certain features are affected and not all?

Here's an older community post (the version of Pro being used is an old version) where something "similar" was happening. There is some discussion about colors being RGB and CYMK based. Maybe something was unintentionally changed in the layer's color properties/color editor? But removing and redoing the symbology may have eliminated this possibility.

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The layer in question (red symbology in first picture) has a few different colors and symbols that are not shown (circles, squares, red, brown, grey) but the moment I export it out as a .PDF and view it (adobe, foxit, chrome, edge), all the symbols become grey.

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