Error Message Unsupported Data Type when adding SLPK to ArcPro Global Scene

12-16-2021 04:13 PM
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I have been attempting to create a 3D model using drone captured images. The workflow that was successful when creating a small section of the model as a test was:

1. Build a tiled model in Agisoft Metashape

2. Export as SLPK file

3. Drag and drop into my ArcPro project

It worked fine when I did this with a small section as a test but when trying to run on the larger model I get an error saying "Failed to add data, unsupported data type". I can't figure out what might be different between the two files other than the file size. Is there a limit to the size of an SLPK that can be added to ArcPro? Any advice would be fantastic I have been struggling with this for a while now.

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It sounds like Agisoft is creating a slpk that violates the I3S Specification so ArcGIS Pro will not read it. You can input the slpk to the Validate Scene Layer tool to confirm it is meeting requirements spelled out by the specification. 




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Thanks Andrew,

I will test that tool out. It is interesting that a smaller size SLPK will work so I am also going to try cutting my model into smaller pieces before exporting to SLPK.

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