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Don't fully understand Error 160090 "A persisted domain record with the specified name does not exist"

06-30-2023 02:23 PM
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Hello, I find that Error 160090 does not provide a detailed enough Description or Solution

I'm not exactly sure what the Description, "A persisted domain record with the specified name does not exist" or the Solution which says to, "specify an existing domain" is even referring to exactly..?

I certainly know what a Domain is -- both from an attribute nd spatial perspective -- but I don't know what that has to do with anything. And, this particular case happened during a 'Join', so I have trouble relating that to the Error Msg.

Thanks for any clarifications!

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OK, so I'm replying to my own Post, because I've figured it out.

I believe that Error 160090 with regard to a "invalid Join" is not described well (it's not intuitive) in the Help documentation. See previous Post or search for this Error in the Help pages for this Error description.

During this The input table may currently be participating in another join.  An input table is allowed one join at a time."

The Error is caused by adding a join to an existing join, where the Input Table was the Join Table in the existing join.

The Solution is to use the same Input Table as the existing Input Table or start a new Add Join with a different Input Table.

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You are an absolute legend! After 15 minutes of total frustration, I found your post. Issue resolved within seconds. 

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Thanks for replying to your question.  I had the same problem and, like you, i couldn't understand the solution message, written by someone who new the problem and the solution, but not how to use simple words to explain it.

I removed the join, which was no longer required and the new join worked



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Agree. I'm told that a revision of this is under consideration, so hopefully that will happen!

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