Dissolve features and Concatenate text field values

11-02-2018 08:35 AM
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I always wondered why ArcGIS doesn't have an option to concatenate text fields when using dissolve tool.  This image is taken from another discussion:

Link for Discussion

The solution given at this discussion was a Spatial Join Tool and using field mapping. But the result was not as anticipated. It repeats every field value over and over, eventually fails because of field size.

It would be logical to have option in the Dissolve tool and using field mapping. Currently there is field mapping option but that is only for numbers.

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I'm searching for the same problem at the moment.

I have different points with text that muyst be dissolved to the polygon.

Did you find the solution?

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Hi SaifulAlam. 

It is possible to dissolve and then concatenate those fields. For the Statistic Type choose Concatenate then you are able to specify the Concatenation Separator in my example I chose a semicolon.  For the field you are concatenation you may also need to set up the Merge Rule too. 

concatornate wtih dissolve.png

However, I would like to concatenate the last entered note as the first in the concatenation string so that's where I am having an issue. 

Hope that helps!

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Hi @ShariForbes ,

I don't have access to the option of indicating Concatenate as the Statistic Type.

Is there a functionality that you had to activate to have access to it?



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Can anyone help with this? I also need the concatenate option but it is not available in my version of Pro.

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