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Orthomosaic Color Balancing Error

07-23-2023 02:42 PM
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Hello, I am working on creating an orthomosaic using ArcGIS Pro 3.1. I have made many orthomosaics before but I have never come across this error and I can not find a work around. Essentially, when I try to create an orthomosaic using the Ortho Mapping Product Wizard I get the following error:

"Color Balancing...
Distributing operation across 6 parallel instances.
No row is selected for the selection or no row is avaliable in the catalog table.
Failed to execute (ColorBalanceMosaicDataset)."

At first I used the default settings without changing anything and I got this error. I then tried different settings and included a target raster and I still got this error.

Please help. Thank you.



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There are a number of requirements listed in the tool in Arctoolbox

Color Balance Mosaic Dataset (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Maybe try the tool instead of the wizard

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I have tried many different methods but I still cannot get any results. I receive the same error.

Is there a specific tool you are referring to? I only know of the Ortho Mapping Product Wizard in ArcGIS Pro to create an orthomosaic. There is the Mosaic tool but that wont give me the product that I want.

Also, my images match the requirement for color balancing.

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