Different images for each polygon in pop-ups

01-23-2017 10:23 AM
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I am trying to create a map in ArcGIS Pro in which you can click each individual polygon and then have the pop-up show an image of that area. Am I going to have to make each polygon its own layer in order to give each polygon its own separate pop-up? Or is there a way for me to set different images in the pop-ups for each separate polygon? Or is there a way I can add the image hyperlinks to the attribute table and then have the popup show the image (NOT the link)?

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Hi, you can do it by putting the image URLs in the attribute table, as you suggested. Then configure the layer pop-ups like this:

  • Right-click the layer on the Contents pane and choose Configure Pop-ups.
  • At the top of the Pop-ups pane, click Image.
  • Click the pencil icon to edit the image properties.


  • In the Image Options, click in the Source URL box. Click the Field drop-down menu and choose the field name from your table that stores the image URLs. In this example, the field name is IMAGE_URL, but it can be whatever you want.


  • Click the Back button on the Pop-ups pane to apply the changes.

Now you should see the unique images associated with your features in the pop-ups. 


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Excellent guidance!  Thank you!

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